Unnecessary Insurance

Unnecessary Insurance – Has your mortgage company purchased insurance on your home?

If so, you may have paid for unnecessary insurance and may be entitled to a refund.  We are investigating whether mortgage lenders are forcing unnecessary insurance on homeowner borrowers.

In 2011, our firm recovered $86 million in benefits for more than 400,000 California homeowners in a Bay Area class action against an insurer for mortgage lenders accused of providing unnecessary insurance.  The insurer in that case insured homes with mortgages from more than 40 different lenders, including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Citibank.

Click here to review documents from that case:

Wahl v. ASIC Class Certification Order

Wahl v. ASIC Final Order and Judgment

Bank of America, SunTrust and many other lenders have also been accused of similar practices, involving alleged placing of unnecessary insurance.

Please contact us if your lender obtained insurance on your home at any time in 2014 or 2015.  You may have paid for unnecessary insurance and may be able to participate in a potential class action lawsuit. If you would like to talk to an attorney regarding unnecessary insurance, please contact  us at 1-888-355-1735 or email to info@fdpklaw.com.  We will be happy to answer your questions.

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