Practice Areas

We are problem solvers. We believe in righting wrongs. We use our legal skills to solve complex problems. We develop real solutions others didn’t consider. We are consumer protection and employee benefits class action attorneys.

We fight large corporations, insurance companies, employers, lenders, and more. We recovered billions of dollars for our clients.

We seek justice for those who have been wronged.

Our clients are loyal customers taken advantage of by insurance companies. Consumers who buy products that are deceptively advertised or labeled. Employees and retirees whose hard-earned retirement, health insurance, or other benefits are reduced or eliminated. People who are denied employment or terminated due to inaccurate credit or criminal background reports, or drug test results.

Our attorneys pride themselves on using creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking to solve problems, finding the best courses of action for each unique situation. Whether we are representing one person’s claim or thousands—whether we are working with a local union or fighting a multinational corporation—we take each case personally and handle with care.

Deception, fraud, moving the goal post—that all ends here. Our combined voices make meaningful, lasting differences and right wrongs.

Practice Areas

Consumer Class Actions

What do you do if a company deceives you or treats you unfairly? Our attorneys stand up for people who have been cheated by large businesses, such as banks, insurance and drug companies, product manufacturers, service providers, and others.

Consumer laws are designed to create fair standards of conduct that companies must follow. These laws often provide legal remedies we use to recover money and stop the misconduct.

  • Unfair Insurance Practices
  • Deceptive Banking and Lending
  • Product Mislabeling

Privacy Rights Class Actions

From banking to background checks, the exchange of personal data on digital platforms is permanent. Banks, retailers, utilities, insurers, employers, hospitals, doctors, schools, and others have access to our personal, private, and protected information. That access comes with a duty to secure that information. When security breaches occur, remedies are available.

Our attorneys make sure that those who have been breached:

  1. Correct the mistake or security risk;
  2. Offer remedies to those who have been harmed;
  3. Change their policies; and
  4. Initiate procedures to secure against future breaches.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations
  • Erroneous Credit Reports and Background Checks
  • Illegal Use of Information and Unauthorized Reports
  • Data Breaches
  • Abusive Debt Collection

Employee Benefits Class Actions

We help employees and retirees to secure their promised healthcare benefits and retirement accounts. We aggressively pursue companies that engage in corporate-wide policies and decisions to keep employees from qualifying for retirement pensions. We assist workers to obtain the wages, including overtime, they are rightfully owed.

We resolve issues by using the law to enforce what is right, such as the
Federal Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Pennsylvania’s Wage Payment and Collection Law (WPCL), and other legal remedies.

  • Reduction of healthcare benefits
  • Unilateral termination of health coverage without consent
  • Union supported retiree healthcare cases under ERISA
  • Elimination and reduction of pension benefits
  • Failure to take care of employer stock ownership plans (ESOPs) 


We fight for people who have been denied or short-changed when applying for short- and long-term disability benefits. We stand up for workers who are not fully compensated for hours worked (including overtime). We litigate cases for individuals, negotiate settlements, and in making sure that companies keep their promises.

  • Unpaid Wages
  • Long-term Disability 
  • Short-term Disability
  • Overtime

Let us work for you.

We represent consumers, borrowers, insureds, victims of data breaches, individuals with credit report or background check issues, people with long- or short-term disability claims, and employees with wage & hour issues.

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