What is a Class Action?

A collective voice that holds companies accountable and causes lasting changes.

People may believe a company is doing something wrong, but do not think they can do anything about it. This is where a class action is the correct solution. Customers, leaseholders, current and retired employees, and others who may be impacted by the same wrong conduct or harm can work together to hold large corporations accountable. When companies systemically violate the rights of many people, class actions provide a collective voice to bring positive change.

A class action is a lawsuit where one or more people sue on behalf of a larger group who are affected by the same issue.  This is referred to as “the class.” 

Class Actions:

  • The issues are common to all members of the class; and
  • There are so many people affected that it is not practical for each to bring their case to court.

Our attorneys pursue class actions in federal and state courts across the United States from our main office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and our satellite office in New York City. Our attorneys litigate throughout the United States, including California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Examples of classwide issues:

When companies use a standard contract, such as an insurance policy or service agreement, with terms that violate the law.

An insurance purchaser is charged a higher rate due to discriminatory sales practices.

When banks and consumer lending institutions unfairly charge for force-placed insurance; or sell insurance at an inflated cost.

When employers fail to properly secure and take responsibility for funds they have a duty to save for their workers’ retirement.

When manufacturers and stores include false or misleading statements on labels; or the product includes ingredients that may be harmful.

When credit reporting agencies fail to keep private protected personal information safe; or do not have procedures in place to protect this sensitive data; or fail to take proper procedures if a breach has occurred.

Both classes would have been
hard-pressed to find someone with greater ‘experience in handling class actions.’

6th Circuit on Bill Payne

UAW v. General Motors Corp.,
497 F.3d 615, 626 (6th Cir. 2007).

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