About Us

We are Feinstein Doyle Payne & Kravec, LLC

Passionate class action attorneys who pursue complex cases and create positive changes by successfully fighting big businesses and corporations.

We love our work because we believe in what we do.

We first brought our collective experiences together in 2007 to create an unique blend of compassionate, creative, and strategic thinkers—all fiercely devoted to working for plaintiffs. The result: a class action law firm with an impressive track record of advocacy, precision, and success.

  • Consumer Fraud
  • Fair Credit Reporting
  • Employee Benefits
  • Unfair Insurance Practices
  • Medical Benefits
  • Pension and Retiree Rights
  • Product Mislabeling
  • Unpaid Wages 

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Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and experiences—from civil rights advocates—to experienced insurance and ERISA litigators—to scientists. We diligently represent every client.

Learn more about the many ways our people use their skills and talents to improve our world.

Practice Areas

Consumer Fraud (product mislabeling, deceptive banking and lending)

Unfair Insurance Sales Practices

Fair Credit Reporting

Data Breaches

Long- and Short-Term Disability Insurance

Wage & Hour Issues

401(k) and Pension Benefits

Class Actions

By combining individual claims into a single class action, a person can be represented by experienced attorneys with resources that hold large companies and corporations accountable.

For decades, our attorneys have successfully litigated numerous class actions and have been instrumental in making positive changes throughout the U.S.

Partner with Us

We represent referred cases with the same diligence that we represent our own clients, keeping in mind that referred clients have a positive working relationship with their attorney.

Whatever your preference, we can take the lead or act as local counsel. We are flexible with fee arrangements, subject to applicable local rules.

Let us work for you.

We represent consumers, borrowers, insureds, victims of data breaches, individuals with credit report or background check issues, people with long- or short-term disability claims, and employees with wage & hour issues.

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