Consumer Protection Class Actions

Protecting your
hard-earned income, retirement, and earned benefits

Employee benefits—such as traditional pensions, 401(k) plans, and medical, dental, and life insurance—help a company to compete for and keep the best and brightest employees. Great benefits generate employee loyalty, and employers reward that loyalty by keeping promises.

Many people choose their jobs based not only on how much they will earn, but also the type of benefits they will receive: healthcare insurance, disability and life insurance, and retirement plans. It is devastating when an employee loyally works many years, and later discover they are not going to receive benefits that were promised. The reduction or elimination of anticipated benefits is devastating not only financially, but also emotionally.

Some employers eliminate pensions in exchange for higher-risk investment schemes. Others try to stop retirement benefits completely. Some public employers (state and local governments) change the amount of contributions workers must make to retire or create higher deductible plans or benefit caps. These changes may violate union contracts, state and federal laws, or Constitutional provisions.

Class actions are effective when a large group of employees experience the same type of reduction in their benefits, allowing a single individual to stimulate changes that help many others.

Our attorneys take pride in their work. They have been successful in helping retirees secure their once-promised healthcare benefits and retirement accounts. They are motivated by justice and work hard to make positive changes. They vigorously litigate against companies that make corporate-wide decisions that prevent employees from qualifying for retirement pensions, companies that do not pay their employees as required by law, and companies that mismanage pension funds.

We help workers to receive their earned wages, including overtime, that they are rightfully owed. Our employment benefits team handles cases under the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Pennsylvania’s Wage Payment and Collection Law (WPCL), and other laws.

We help consumers with:

Product Mislabeling

Our attorneys use the law to convince companies to change misleading and illegal labels; to stop deceptive marketing and sales tactics; and force them to face consequences for fraudulent behavior. We help consumers who have been misled by products in nearly every industry.

Unfair Insurance Practices

Insurance policies covering your home, car, health, and your life are complicated. Our attorneys litigate against insurance companies for people whose benefits have been denied, minimized, or who were sold policies with deceptive or discriminatory sales tactics.

Deceptive Banking and Lending

Banks and corporations sometimes take advantage of borrowers and consumers. They may collect funds they do not earn, charge hidden fees, or provide services that are initially free but then begin to incur monthly charges the consumer must pay. Our attorneys advocate for consumers.

Privacy Rights and Credit Reporting Issues

Companies must follow federal and state laws created to protect consumers’ personal protected information, especially when completing background checks and credit reports. Our attorneys resolve privacy disputes and credit reporting issues throughout the country.

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We represent consumers, borrowers, insureds, victims of data breaches, individuals with credit report or background check issues, people with long- or short-term disability claims, and employees with wage & hour issues.

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