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If you believe you may need an attorney, the best thing is to seek advice promptly because time limits may apply.  We respect your privacy and sensitive circumstances, and will talk or meet with you at your convenience.

1-412-281-8400 or 1-888-355-1735 (Pittsburgh) or 1-212-952-0014 (New York)

Helpful Tips
Be Honest

Your conversation with your attorney is private and cannot be discussed with others without your permission.


It is helpful to have notes or a brief outline or timeline of what happened. Sometimes people have this information in their cell phone or calendar.


Make sure to gather all documents—such as letters, notes, insurance policies, account statements, disability plan summaries, pay stubs, incident reports, etc.


Be ready to discuss costs. Each situation is different and, if a fee is agreed to, you will receive a written fee agreement to review before you sign.


The attorney’s judgments are based on legal training and experience.  Attorneys are not magicians. Sometimes the best legal advice may not be what you want to hear.  Your attorney will provide advice with your best interests in mind.

Contact Information

Please be sure to provide your phone number and email address, and the best time to contact you.