Healthcare Benefits for Retirees

Fighting for the healthcare benefits you were promised

Employers promise retirement packages that include continued healthcare coverage and other benefits, such as life insurance. Employees loyally continue to work hard because they believe they will keep these important benefits in retirement. Sadly, employers often fail to keep these promises, either by reducing coverage, increasing required premiums, or eliminating coverage altogether.

The firm’s accomplished attorneys have won or successfully settled retiree benefit cases against many large corporations—including Alcoa, Campbell’s Soup, Chrysler, Ford Motors, General Motors, Goodyear, Unilever, and The Walt Disney Company. We have brought lawsuits challenging companies’ independent modification or reduction of retiree benefits that violate labor contracts; and cases challenging decisions that alter retiree benefits of public-sector retirees.

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FDPK attorneys have represented thousands of retirees, their spouses, and their dependents in cases challenging unfair decisions. If you think you may have a claim for your healthcare employee benefits termination or reduction, contact us.

Retiree Benefits Our Attorneys Litigate:

Union Supported Retiree Healthcare

Our class action attorneys represent retired union members to make sure they receive the benefits that were negotiated for and promised during years of hard work. We work hard to prevent the reduction or elimination of retiree health care benefits.

Reduction of Benefits

We represent public-sector employees and retirees whose retirement benefits have been cut or eliminated. Problems caused by underfunding have increased due to an unstable stock market. As a result, many state and local governments are under financial and political pressure to reduce or eliminate promised benefits.

Keeping Promises

Our attorneys represent employees in ERISA class action cases that challenge the reduction or elimination of retiree health benefits. We fight in the courtroom to make sure that retiree health benefits remain what loyal employees were promised throughout decades of service.

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