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Founded in 2007, Feinstein Doyle Payne & Kravec, LLC concentrates its practice in protecting the rights of employees, retirees, consumers, and investors through individual and class actions. FDPK has a nationwide class action practice and we are proud to be based in Pittsburgh.

We exclusively represent plaintiffs, and litigate against corporations, government entities, and school districts on behalf of individuals, classes of individuals, and unions.  To protect your rights, we file suit in state and federal courts around the country.

Our class action practice is focused on insurance sales practice, consumer fraud and employee benefits, as well as on employment and labor law.  We stand up for people who have been cheated by banks, insurance companies, and other institutions.  We fight for employees and retirees who are not receiving the benefits they were promised and depended upon.

We also represent individuals in Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions.  We negotiate executive and severance contracts, as well as non-competes. If you’ve lost your job or are being harassed at work, we will help you.  If your child’s special education needs are not being met, or if he or she has been unfairly disciplined, we know what to do.  We pride ourselves in representing whistleblowers because they have the courage to step forward to report fraud at risk to themselves.

Our goal is to achieve success for our clients.


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