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Parents and students often need to make difficult decisions concerning educational rights which may have serious consequences for their future.  Ed Feinstein and the lawyers working with him work with families, school districts and teachers to resolve many different types of educational disputes, including:
    • Special Education and Due Process.  Parents of students with disabilities must search through many complicated laws and regulations that provide for each child’s right to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Whether the issue concerns evaluation, placement or programming, FDPK lawyers, led by founding Partner Ed Feinstein, have the qualifications and experience to represent you at IEP meetings, pre-hearing conferences, due process hearings, or in court proceedings.
    • Expulsions.  The law recognizes the value of an education and gives specific instructions on what to do when a school district chooses to expel a student. It is very important that parents and guardians know their child’s rights and what options are available.  FDPK’s legal team will help you throughout this difficult process.
    • Discrimination and Harassment.  Sexual harassment, bullying, and gender and disability discrimination can make going to school a nightmare.  Title IX, the ADA and other laws were designed to protect students from such behavior. FDPK lawyers can help parents, guardians and students encountering these offensive situations by reviewing their legal options and representing families in administrative and legal actions against the responsible parties, including school boards and districts.

Ed Feinstein and his legal team can help you with situations such as:

  • Four years ago, our son was diagnosed with a learning disability and his elementary school developed an IEP (Individualized Education Program) to provide him with the special education and services he needs. In September, he transferred to the district’s middle school and his new teachers are ignoring his IEP. He is quickly falling behind in his classes and is anxious all the time. What can we do to make sure the school district provides him with an appropriate education?
  • I just received a call from my daughter’s school that she’s being expelled for two weeks. The   Principal has scheduled a due process hearing.  My daughter broke only a minor rule and this discipline seems excessive. What rights does she have and what do we need to do?
  • I am a professor at a public university. At the end of last semester, I was in a car accident and seriously injured. I am ready to return to teaching but the university refuses to provide me with the simple accommodations I need in the classroom. What can I do?

Contact Ed Feinstein to discuss questions you may have relating to educational issues.


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