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We can you help with questions about discrimination, sexual harassment, FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) violations, wage and overtime issues, and other employment issues. We understand that employment questions are of primary importance to you and that some issues may be difficult to discuss.  We handle each call with compassion.

Executives and Professionals.

We represent executives and professionals in negotiating, defending and enforcing employment contracts and severance packages.  Our legal professionals will answer your questions about the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the federal law that protects the rights of employees and retirees in company benefit plans.

Contact us if you have employment questions such as:

  • I am a professional and have received a job offer. Before I start, the administrators want me to sign an employment contract with many provisions — some of which seem to be unfair to me.  I think I should talk to a lawyer before I agree to anything. Can you help me?
  • I’ve worked for my company for 30 years.  I started at the bottom, but over the years, I’ve learned many skills and gained a lot of experience.  Lately, my company has overlooked me for promotions in favor of younger applicants with less skills and experience. I know I’m just as qualified for these jobs as the younger folks. I think my company has failed to promote me because of my age.  Is this age discrimination?  Can anything be done to help me?
  • I’ve worked for my company for 21 years. The company is downsizing and will begin a huge layoff in six weeks.  They offered severance packages to any employees with 20 or more years’ experience.  I received my package and don’t know if I should accept it.  I am afraid that if I do not accept the package as it is, I will risk not getting any severance pay or extended insurance benefits.  Can a lawyer review my severance package and advise me?
  • I have worked full-time for my company for the past five years. Three months ago, my husband was diagnosed with a serious health condition and needed surgery. The doctors said a family member should stay home with him for a several weeks while he recovered. I told my employer about the situation and was granted the time off. I was told that it was FMLA leave and that, when my husband was better, my job would be waiting for me. I returned to work after eight weeks, but discovered that my boss had hired someone else to do my job. They told me that the only job available to me was a part-time position. What are my rights under FMLA?

Contact Ed Feinstein if you have questions about employment. Please be sure to provide your phone number and a good email address (if you have one).


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