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Laws Prohibiting Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

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Feinstein Doyle Payne & Kravec, LLC fights for the rights of people who “blow the whistle” on illegal conduct at work and then are fired or otherwise retaliated against.


Employees are often in the best position to witness and report unsafe or unlawful conduct in the workplace.  Federal and state laws often protect whistleblowers and encourage them to report wrongdoing.


Not all whistleblowing employees are protected, so it is very important to seek advice from an attorney before you tell a supervisor or government agency about:


(1) a violation of a law or regulation;

(2) a danger to public health or safety;

(3) an abuse of authority;

(4) gross mismanagement; or

(5) a serious waste of funds.

You do not have to be absolutely certain about the misconduct in order to be protected from retaliation but you do need to have a good-faith, reasonable belief about what you are reporting.  There may be time limits on when and how to bring your claims, so it is best to promptly seek legal assistance.


If your employer takes action against you for blowing the whistle, you may be able to recover back pay for wages and benefits lost due to retaliation, as well as other types of damages to compensate you.  In some cases, whistleblower protection laws also provide for punitive or exemplary damages, which are intended to punish the wrongdoer and to keep others from similar misconduct.  Most whistleblower protection laws allow for the employee who reports the wrongdoing to recover litigation costs, including attorneys’ fees.


There are many important things to consider in any whistleblower case.  We can help you to make decisions about what you should do.


If you have questions about your rights under the Whistleblower Anti-Retaliation Laws, please call us at 412.281.8400 or use our contact form.

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