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Deceptive Banking and Lending Practices

We all sign agreements and enter into contracts. We finance purchases and we charge on credit cards.

The agreements for these purchases are often very long, the print is very small, and the language is hard to understand. These agreements are intended to obligate us and the companies with whom we deal.  Corporations and financial institutions often do not live up to contractual obligations. Worse, some may charge customers more than what the law permits, believing that no customer will be able or willing to challenge their actions.

Deceptive banking and lending practices occur when banks, credit card companies and mortgage lenders take advantage of consumers to make more money.  They may collect funds they did not earn.  Even though consumer protection laws are in place to prevent this, some banks and lending institutions violate those laws and rob people of their hard-earned money.

Banks that encourage consumers to open accounts may charge hidden fees or provide additional “services” such as insurance products (which are often free in the beginning) but provide little-to-no real benefit – and then later begin to charge monthly fees.

Credit card companies may charge excessive over-limit and late fees or may charge fees for not carrying a sufficiently high balance.

Mortgage lenders sometimes force-place expensive flood and hazard insurance and then take a kickback from the insurance providers. Mortgage lenders sometimes pass along excessive closing costs because their contracts contain illegal agreements with settlement service providers.

Student loan servicers sometimes charge late fees or interest rates in violation of state laws that govern the amount of interest that may be charged on a loan.

FDPK lawyers fight for the rights of consumers in deceptive banking and lending practice cases such as those described above.  If you think you have been the victim of deceptive banking or lending practices, contact Joseph Kravec or Wyatt Lison to evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation to you.


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