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Class Action Lawsuit FAQs

What is a class action?

A class action is a lawsuit where one or more people sue on behalf of a larger group who are affected by the same issue.  This is referred to as “the class”.  While the subject matter of class action lawsuits can vary, two factors are almost always present:

  1. The issues are common to all members of the class; and
  2. There are so many people affected that it is not practical for each of them to bring their case to court.

Class Actions:

  • Level the playing field for people who have disagreements with large companies or businesses
  • Reduce the cost of litigation
  • Give increased bargaining power
  • Provide services of experienced attorneys
  • May be filed in federal and state courts

Many of FDPK’s class action cases were started because one or more people spoke up to complain about fraud, unfair treatment or deceptive practices.  If you believe that you have been harmed by fraud, a defective practice, or illegal conduct, please contact us.  Your information will be kept confidential and you will be under no obligation.

What are some examples of class action lawsuits?

  • Consumers who have been harmed by unfair banking or business practices
  • Consumers who purchased defective or improperly labeled products
  • Merchants and consumers who pay inflated prices caused by price-fixing
  • Employees who have been subjected to age, gender or racial discrimination by a corporate employer
  • Employees who have not been paid their appropriate hourly wage because of wage and hour violations
  • Retirees who were promised retirement or health benefits but are now facing a reduction or elimination of those benefits

How is a class action started?

A class action lawsuit is started when one or more people who have the same problem with a large company or business step forward.  We investigate, research the facts and legal remedies, and discuss options to proceed.

Can I start a class action?

Perhaps.  If you have a problem with a company, it is possible that others may too.  A class action is a good solution because it allows thousands of people to benefit from a single case.

It takes only one person to step forward to begin a class action.  That person is referred to as the Representative Plaintiff (described below).  If you believe that you have circumstances that you would like to investigate to initiate a class action lawsuit, contact Partner Wyatt Lison. He will be pleased to answer your questions and evaluate your potential claim at no cost.

What is a Representative Plaintiff, and what do they do?

A Representative Plaintiff is a person who is willing to step forward in an attempt to correct wrongdoing.  A Representative Plaintiff:

  • seeks legal advice about wrongdoing by a large corporation or employer.
  • tells their story to the court in a complaint, and is willing to be the named individual who initiates the lawsuit.
  • is willing to pursue claims not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of other persons who were similarly harmed.
  • must be available to discuss the case with their lawyers.
  • must be willing to participate in the discovery process.
    • What is Discovery?  You must gather you records related to the issue and provide them to the defendant(s), answer written questions and answer oral questions in a deposition.  Our experienced attorneys will help you with every step of the discovery process.
  • must be willing to represent the class without any promise or guarantee that they will receive anything more than what a similar class member would receive.

Why do people file class action lawsuits?

People file class action lawsuits because:

  • they are often the only way to remedy a wrong committed by powerful corporations
  • they give people the chance to take on large, well-funded corporations when an individual lawsuit would be too expensive
  • even if the total damages involved are not large to a corporation, it often stops the harmful conduct

What kind of class action lawsuits have FDPK lawyers handled?

We represent consumers, employees and small businesses in the following types of cases:

  • Employees who have been denied benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • Consumers who purchased mislabeled, misbranded and sometimes harmful food and supplement products
  • Mortgage borrowers unfairly charged for force-placed hazard insurance
  • Mortgage borrowers charged for settlement services subject to an unlawful conspiracy under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Insurance purchasers who are fraudulently sold life insurance and long-term care insurance policies
  • Consumer and small businesses overcharged for products and other goods caused by anti-competitive activities of large, upstream corporations
  • Investors victimized by fraud in the sale of stocks and securities

If you feel you have have been a victim of fraud, unlawful or deceptive practices and would like to know if you may have a class action claim, contact Joseph N. Kravec, Jr. or Wyatt Lison, who will answer your questions and evaluate your potential claim at no cost.


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