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False Claims Act / Qui Tam Claims

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Feinstein Doyle Payne & Kravec, LLC represents individuals in lawsuits under the federal False Claims Act (“FCA”), in what are sometimes called  “qui tam” cases.

If you know that your employer is cheating the federal government (and in some instances cheating  state or local governments) or misusing government funds, you may be able to sue on the government’s behalf under the FCA.  (This is why such cases are also called “qui tam” actions, an abbreviation for a Latin phrase meaning, “[he] who sues in this matter for the king as [well as] for himself.”)


The FCA applies to many different types of fraud against the government.  Conduct that violates the FCA may include:

  • billing the government at inflated prices;
  • seeking payment for goods or services that were not actually provided
  • bribing someone in order to obtain a government contract;
  • using federal grant money for personal benefit; and
  • overbilling Medicare or Medicaid.

A significant reward is  available to the persons (not the lawyers)  who bring qui tam cases. This reward could be a percentage of the money recovered for the government.  Millions of dollars have been awarded to people who have stepped forward to bring successful FCA suits.


The law provides protection for those that speak up.   If an employer punishes or fires an employee for reporting the employer’s wrongdoing under the FCA, the employer may have to pay damages to the employee and/or give the employee’s job back.  The employer may also have to pay for the employee’s lawyer.


There are many important things to know in any FCA case.  We can help you to make decisions and guide you through this technical and complex area of the law.
If you have questions about your rights under the FCA or Whistleblower Anti-Retaliation Laws, please call us at 412.281.8400 or use our contact form.

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